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The 5-day experience where you’ll learn how to discipline firmly and kindly - without having to be harsh or permissive.

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20-24 May 2024!

8am SGT: Daily training released (pre-recorded video)
9pm SGT: Daily Q&A (live on Zoom)


💪🏻 Day 1: The “3U Process” Training ($49 value) - Solve 80% of your parenting struggles, once you understand this

🥦 Day 2: The “Solving Mealtime Struggles” Training ($49 value) - Get peaceful mealtimes without the stress

🛁 Day 3: The “Handling Caregiving Battles” Training ($49 value) - Never dread toothbrushing time again

 Day 4: The “Managing Conflicting Parenting Styles” Training ($49 value) - Find your zen immediately

🌡️ Day 5: The “Measuring Your Success” Training ($49 value) - Say "bye" to self-doubt, and "hello" to confidence

🙋🏻‍♀️ Every Day: 45-minute LIVE Q&A Calls, at 9pm SGT daily ($245 value) - Get your burning questions answered on the spot

👯 Access to an exclusive pop-up group (Priceless) - Feel community support and gain inspiration 

Total Value: US$490

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Hi, I'm Kelly

95% of the Respectful Parenting resources out there come from a Western cultural context. This means a lot of the solutions provided aren’t relevant to Asian families - a constant problem I faced when studying this stuff.

That’s why I founded Juicy Parenting - to plug these gaps for you, and redefine what Asian parenting can look like in a modern age.

I’ve taken my experience - not just as a mother, but an award-winning journalist and Fulbright Scholar, with top-notch research and writing skills - to create this 5-day bootcamp on Respectful Parenting for Asians ©

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