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Stop tantrums in their tracks.

Learn my simple, step-by-step frameworks that have helped hundreds of Asian parents prevent meltdowns - before they even start.


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Respectful discipline that actually works


“True enough, within a month, the meltdowns went from 45 minutes to 20 minutes to 5 minutes.

Michelle, Mother of 1

Harsh Asian discipline is damaging your kid.

When children are hit, yelled at, threatened, and punished, they’re more likely to have increased aggression, poorer emotional regulation, and lower-self-esteem. All of this has damaging effects on their academic and social lives.

Thankfully, it’s never too late to change. Respectful Parenting is NOT permissive parenting; you can absolutely run a highly-disciplined household - without ever raising your voice, or your hand. And you can start today.


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Your kids will notice the difference.

"I can’t put into words how grateful I am for Kelly’s course and community. They have helped me manage my emotions and perspective, to make me a less angsty and more calm mum. There have been so many wins in just a month of putting her frameworks into action. One of my twins actually commented that mummy doesn’t use punishments or shouting anymore!"

Sabrina Sng, Mother of twins

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Juicy Parenting Membership

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Respectful Parenting for Asians Course


3-hour on-demand video course
   • Lesson 1: Understanding Your Kid
   • Lesson 2: Understanding Yourself
   • Lesson 3: 3 Juicy Frameworks
     - How to be a respectful parent
     - How to handle any tantrum
     - How to apologise effectively
32-page Course Workbook  

Ultimate Bedtime Survival Kit


20-minute on-demand video mini-course
   • Lesson 1: Why bedtime is so tough
   • Lesson 2: Top 3 bedtime mistakes to avoid
   • Lesson 3: BED Framework for happier nights
15-page Course Workbook  
Printable Cheatsheet Summary  


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Finally, a parenting community by Asians, for Asians.

"I've read, watched, and researched quite a lot online, but I’ve found nothing quite like this course. Kelly has distilled all the goodness, broken it down into bite-sized pieces, and constructed her own frameworks on how to actually respectfully parent a child. I tested her teachings the next time my son had a meltdown. Did it work? YES!"

Evon, Mother of 1

"We follow many Instagram parenting accounts and find it to be really overwhelming. Going through the course and having Kelly break it down and put it in a local context was incredibly helpful."

Melissa & Dennis, Parents of 1

"Thankful to have found support for my gentle parenting journey in an Asian community - a lot of the parenting books I read don't offer as much insight in an Asian context, so this is much appreciated!"

Evelyn, Mother of 3

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It’s not enough to invest in your kids - you matter too.

Your child’s expensive enrichment classes mean nothing, if you don’t know how to parent with respect. Invest in yourself today by becoming a Juicy Parenting Member, and get a priceless payoff: Kids who love you because they want to, not because they feel obligated to.


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