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I help Asian parents leave old-school discipline behind, so they can raise resilient, successful children - without ever needing to hit or yell. Welcome to Juicy Parenting, where you'll learn Respectful Parenting for Asians ©

"There is no where else I could have found such content that is relevant to our Asian culture."

Leona Seng, Mother of 3

From journalist to parent coach

I’m not an early childhood educator, and neither is this therapy.

If you looked at my resume, you’d see a decade of financial writing experience, powered by a Fulbright Scholarship to Columbia University. Nothing about education.

So how did I get into parent coaching?

Simply put: I had my first child, and quickly realised I knew nothing about how to raise a good human being.

Like any good journalist, I plunged myself into the research of how to parent better.

I read books and scholarly articles, I listened to podcasts and lectures, and I enrolled in courses (including professional-level ones) - spending thousands of dollars and countless hours studying various parenting approaches.

Out of everything I learned, what most resonated with me were the approaches that emphasised being respectful toward my child, and myself. Simply put: Respectful Parenting.

Asian families are different

There’s just one big problem: 95% of the Respectful Parenting resources out there are made by caucasians, for caucasians (or are from a Western cultural context).

This means that a lot of the solutions aren’t even relevant to my Asian family and culture.

To be frank, some resources are getting it dead wrong.

For one, they fail to see that in Asian households, raising kids isn’t just about mum and dad. There are so many more players involved: Extended family, live-in helpers, and daycare or school.

For another, they neglect to understand that in Asia, beating a child is not only the norm - it’s actively advocated!

These key differences make Respectful Parenting extremely difficult to implement in Asia.

Difficult doesn’t mean impossible

That’s why I founded Juicy Parenting and became a parent coach - to plug these gaps, and redefine what Asian parenting can look like in a modern age.

I’ve taken my experience - not just as a mother, but as an award-winning journalist with top-notch communication skills - and created the first-of-its-kind service to support Asian families.

Through my online course, Respectful Parenting for Asians ©, and my membership community known as the Juicy Fam, I teach fellow Asian parents how they can apply Respectful Parenting principles in their own households - even when it's completely counter to the norm.

Raise successful kids, with kindness

It isn’t an exaggeration to say that this journey to Respectful Parenting has fundamentally changed my life.

I’ve gone from being terrified I’ll repeat the same mistakes my parents did, to feeling confident and centred in my parenting approach.

To be clear, I don’t for a second regret how my parents - like most Asian parents - held me to high standards and believed in my ability to achieve. It’s how I excelled in school and my career.

I simply believe we can unlock even more of our children’s potential with a Respectful Parenting approach - because we’d be working with our kids and bringing them in as part of the process, instead of lording our authority over them and ruling by fear and force.

I know I can help you redefine Asian parenting - so you can raise resilient, successful kids, without ever lifting a finger against them.

"My husband didn't think it was possible, but Kelly helped me see how Respectful Parenting could be applied in my culture. She's a teacher who understands the struggles Asian families face, and this has helped me parent better in real life."

Mandy Ang, Mother of 1

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