Free Asian Parenting Training

How to raise successful, confident, and resilient kids - without ever raising your voice or your hand

In less than an hour, you'll learn:

1.  Why traditional Asian parenting is hurting your kids

2.  My top 3 tips for becoming a calmer, more confident parent

3.  The biggest mistake Asian parents make, when investing in their child's learning and development

"In my own parenting journey, I was confused by 2 key questions: What does Respectful Parenting look like in an Asian context, and does Respectful Parenting mean I lose what I received from my parents?

Kelly answers these 2 questions and so much more in this free training. The tailored content for local Asian values will help every parent who wants to build up emotionally-resilient kids, without resorting to yelling and caning every time."

Tris, Dad of 2

"This is an amazing resource in a world where there are no classes or textbooks on how to raise respectful kids with a solid parent-child bond - specifically in an Asian context.

If you've ever wondered if there is a different or better way to parent, this free workshop is a great place to start."

Grace, Mum of 2

Who is this training for?

This free training is for you if:


You believe there's nothing  wrong with traditional, harsh, punitive Asian discipline


You don't know what Respectful Parenting is, but you're willing to learn


You've tried to be a Respectful Parent, but you haven't seen results and don't know why

Meet your coach

Hi, I'm Kelly!

I'm a mum of 2 little ones, and the Founder of Juicy Parenting. I help Asian parents leave old-school discipline behind, so they can raise resilient, successful children - without ever needing to hit, yell, or be a harsh Asian parent... Or a permissive one.

In this 55-minute training, I'll show you how you may be unintentionally sabotaging your kid's long-term success - and I'll teach you a surprisingly simple approach to unwind the damage.

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Beginning Asian Parenting Training

Learn how Respectful Parenting can work in your Asian cultural context