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Old-school Asian discipline is damaging your kids

I’ll show you exactly how to parent differently: With calm and confidence, not fear and force - so you can raise resilient, successful children who love you because they want to, not because they feel obligated to. Welcome to Juicy Parenting, where you'll learn Respectful Parenting for Asians ©


"I can’t put into words how grateful I am for Kelly’s course and community. They have helped me manage my emotions and perspective, to make me a less angsty and more calm mum. There have been so many wins in just a month of putting her frameworks into action. One of my twins actually commented that mummy doesn’t use punishments or shouting anymore!"

Sabrina Sng, Mother of twins

Raise kids who will excel in all areas of life - not just academics

The hard truth is that Asian parents tend to be excellent providers, but not great nurturers. Don’t fall into this trap! Learn how to raise all-rounded children who are prepared for a fast-changing world.


With my help, you’ll be able to:


Be the parent you wish you’d had as a child


Build unshakeable parent-child bonds rooted in respect


Raise resilient, successful children who excel in life

There's just one problem

Respectful Parenting doesn’t come easily to Asians, because...

  • Violent and shame-based parenting is the norm
  • Hitting children isn’t just culturally accepted - it’s actively advocated!
  • We instinctively do whatever our parents did to us - we hit, yell, threaten, and shame
  • Asian parenting role models are rare and hard to find

Here's the truth

It doesn't have to be this hard

You don’t have to be doomed to repeat the same mistakes your parents made, and it’s never too late to make a change. Just like anyone learns how to swim or drive a car, you simply need to learn a kinder way forward. Parenting peacefully is so much easier than you think.


"Our favourite part of the course was how Kelly made abstract and disconnected concepts real, with practical examples that tied back to our burning questions. It really helped us know where to start. We also love that the tone of the course and community is always judgment-free, respectful, and gracious."

Ella & Yu Hui, Parents of 2

 "The Juicy Fam community is such high value for what it costs, honestly. Even with therapy and being a respectful parent, my own background of getting disciplined was getting in the way. Kelly has shown me how I can put things into practice a non-overwhelming way. Thank you for teaching us to love our kids and ourselves better."

Dr Cheryl Kam, Physician, Mother of 4


The Juicy Fam

Join my membership & get the course for free

Learn my 3 proprietary frameworks for handling any tantrum with calm and confidence. Then keep the momentum going by asking me your burning questions in the Juicy Fam community!

What you'll get


Online course

Get all you need to start your Respectful Parenting journey, in just 3 hours. Includes printable 34-page Course Workbook.

Ask any question

Troubleshoot your struggles with me in the Juicy Fam. I respond to every question that's asked, and other parents often chime in too!

Private community

Meet other Asian parents who are on the same counter-cultural journey. You won't find another tribe who gets it like the Juicy Fam does.

Live group calls

Ask me as many questions as you like during twice-monthly LIVE group calls - every first and third Wednesday of the month.


When you join my membership community, you'll get my popular Respectful Parenting for Asians Course © FREE!

Lesson 1

Why doesn't my kid just listen?!

Learn why your child repeatedly does the exact opposite of what you say - and figure out what you can do about it.

Lesson 2

Why do I snap to hit, yell, and shame?!

Learn why you’re not to blame, and how you can make lasting changes for the better. You'll never get judgment from me - only empathy and effective solutions.

Lesson 3

My 3 Juicy Frameworks

Learn why conventional Asian discipline fails, and what to do instead - including holding boundaries firmly, passing down moral values effectively, and repairing the parent-child bond after saying or doing something you regret.

Lesson 4


Why parenting the Juicy way is your best shot at raising resilient, independent children, who are prepared to face a world that's often unkind and cruel.


"I've read, watched, and researched quite a lot online, but I’ve found nothing quite like this course. Kelly has distilled all the goodness, broken it down into bite-sized pieces, and constructed her own frameworks on how to actually respectfully parent a child. I tested her teachings the next time my son had a meltdown. Did it work? YES!"

Evon Lim, Mother of 1

"As a coach, Kelly is wonderfully candid, warm, and open; and her genuine passion for Respectful Parenting and helping other families along that journey really shines through. What I appreciate most is her inclusive (and no-bullshit) approach that's not just easy to understand, but also backed by due diligence and real experiences."

Amanda Wong, Mother of 1

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1 month free on annual plan

  • Respectful Parenting for Asians © Course (US$149 value)
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1 month free on annual plan

  • “Respectful Parenting for Asians” Course (US$149 value)
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1 month free on annual plan

  • “Respectful Parenting for Asians” Course (US$149 value)
  • Juicy Fam Forum access (US$149 value)
  • 2x/month live group coaching calls (US$179 value)
  • Kelly’s Mini-Lesson Library (US$129 value)
  • Kelly's Teaching Time Video Library (US$129 value)

Meet your coach

Respectful Parenting by an Asian, for Asians

Hi, I'm Kelly! The constant problem I faced - when I was in your shoes, studying how to be a better parent - was the fact that most solutions weren't relevant to my Asian family. That's no surprise, given that 95% of the Respectful Parenting resources out there come from a Western cultural context.

That’s why I founded Juicy Parenting - to plug these gaps for you, and redefine what Asian parenting can look like in a modern age.

I’ve taken my experience - not just as a mother, but an award-winning journalist and Fulbright Scholar, with top-notch research and writing skills - to create this first-of-its-kind service to teach Respectful Parenting for Asians © 


You deserve to parent with confidence

Here’s your path to joyful parenting:


Take my course

Choose your membership plan and get the course for freeIt's that easy to improve your parenting.


Join the community

Get support as you put the teachings into practice, and meet fellow Asian parents on the same journey.


Ask any question

With the Juicy Fam and I as your cheerleaders, you'll have a tribe for support when things get tough.


My money-back guarantee

Try the bundle for 30 days, risk-free

I’m so confident you’ll benefit from this bundle that I offer no-questions-asked refunds. If you finish the course and think it was a load of utter rubbish, just e-mail [email protected] within 30 days of purchase, and I’ll make a refund happen.


This is not for you if:

  • You want an easy, instant fix. Being an excellent parent can’t be hacked - change takes time and effort. 
  • You’re unwilling to look deeply at your own childhood, to reflect on the parent you are today. 
  • You are determined to see the worst in your children. 
  • You think your job stops at providing financially and academically for your kids.
  • You think it’s more important to send your kids to tuition and enrichment classes, than to invest in your own parenting skills.

This is for you if:

  • You know you don’t want to hit or yell at your kid, but you have no idea what to do instead. 
  • You’re tired of snapping to anger each time your child does something they shouldn’t. 
  • You’re not afraid to say: “I was wrong, I can get help, and I will improve”.
  • You understand a child’s hierarchy of needs - that a solid parent-child relationship takes priority over piano lessons or math tuition.
  • You’re ready to invest in yourself to become the parent you were always meant to be.

"Kelly is a breath of fresh air in the Asian parenting community. I am really so grateful she opened my eyes to just letting my child lead the way."

Shan Wee, Mother of 3

"You have no idea about the impact you're making on my life. This community you've built is beyond what people can imagine, and saying 'thank you' doesn't feel enough."

Lan Chao, Mother of 2

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