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In this 1-on-1 coaching call, we'll dive deep into your family's unique situation and discuss what your biggest challenges are. You'll find a safe, judgment-free space to share your struggles, and I'll share strategies and scripts to help. 

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If you're unsure about booking a 1:1, just go for it! Kelly comes to the call with so much empathy - and all of us need someone who will understand us, before providing solutions."

Dr Dinaz Zenobia Stutterheim, CTO, Mother of 2

Kelly is a teacher, coach, friend, all in one. She listens compassionately and offers solutions - and it's so refreshing speaking with a knowledge expert who doesn't pretend parenthood is a breeze."

Sarah Ong, Mother of 2

An Asian coach, for asian parents

Hi, I'm Kelly!

If you want to parent with calm and confidence - without ever slipping into permissive parenting - you're in the right place. Let me teach you how to leave old-school Asian discipline behind, so you can raise resilient, successful kids - without ever needing to raise your voice, or your hand.


Free resource: One word to stop saying to your kids right now

There's a word you're using that is undermining your authority as a parent. Learn - in just 4 minutes - what the word is, why it's harmful, and what to do instead. Get ready to hold boundaries a whole lot better - for free!

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